Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Songs in Your Heart

Hi everyone!
This time around, I'm waiting for the ink on my paintings to dry (so that I can pull off my scan-&-post moves for you) and to fill time, I'm playing some songs I've been listening to for the last few months. I play a little bit of piano so that's what I play the songs on. As always, mixed with some of my all-time favourites. Maybe that's why practice sessions can get freakishly long at times. My actual practicing might last no longer than a shampoo commercial, but playing around with my new it songs takes anywhere from an hour to Whoa-wrap-it-up-it's-midnight.

This is my current list. Feel free to send in yours. There must be some great piano songs I'm missing out on.
- Dawn (Dario Marianelli)
- Northern Lights (Emily Bear)
- Over the Rainbow (Arrangement by Dan Coates)
- Romance in Winter (Miranda Wong)
- Piano Concerto No.23 Mov.3 (Mozart) -- because I like putting some classicals in it somewhere. This piece does magic to me. And it isn't very hard to play which is kind of shocking for a concert piece!

Take care for now. See you next post! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,