Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Floral Concerto No.1

Hi everyone,

Here comes a big Yay to a new original! : Floral Concerto No.1.

If each plant in a garden play a sound just like they play their part in creating the gorgeous view we see, I imagine we would hear the best music ever played!

Floral Concerto No.1
Original painting. Not a print or reproduction.
Ink on matte paper
8.5 x 8.5 inch

Included in this piece are nine of my fantasy plants:
From the top left corner:
1. Bright-eyed Flower
2. Solitude Leaf
3. Pinwheel Rose
4. The Pollen Queen
5. Dotted Zebra Tulip
6. Peapod Lupine
7. Twin Bud Wildflowers
8. Sunshine Daisy
9. The Goddess' Hair

This item had been listed in my shop. Loving what you see? Please run and get it before anybody else does :)

On the side note, my Tumblr is back on tumbling and my Pinterest boards are joyfully pin-attacked so I hope to see you there having fun!

Peace, love, pretty colours,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bright and Zesty!

 Hi everyone!

Check out this fun citrus collection by Candy Apple Crafts on Featuring FAB's "Serenity" Citrus edition.

Peace, love, and pretty colours,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Together Once Again

Hi everyone!

I hope your week is going capital-G great so far! :)
I wanted to leave you a note today about the "Together" black-and-white print I recently added to FAB shop. Being a major colouring ninja, I must admit that I sometimes forget to put the black-and-white version of my works for you to grab. That would be until someone asks about them or I see all the coloured works and think "This one would look interesting in black and white..."

Isn't that how it was before all that colouring fiesta?

So that's pretty much how this version of "Together" finally made it out! Full details of the print had been posted in the shop. Simply click on the image above to visit its order page. The most important thing is that all purchased prints will be hand-embellished by me using archival black ink so every print is truly special :)
Peace, love, and pretty colours!