Vintage Rafika - Past Works

Past Works in Fine Art

The following works and showcases took place in the beautiful tropical land, Indonesia, where Rafika spent her childhood and part of her teenage years.

Selected Works 
(Artwork title; Year; Place of award ceremony or display)

"Dendrobium" (1999)
Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia

"Sustainability" (1999)
1999 Green Expo, Indonesia

"AIDS" (1998)
Indonesian Youth Red Cross

"Red Cross' Contribution" (1998)
Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri V, Indonesia

"Taman Topi" (1997)
Taman Topi (Kapten Muslihat Park), Indonesia

"Healthy Teeth Support My Achievements" - Youth Health Poster (1997)
The 33th National Health Day Poster Competition, Indonesia

"Child Singer" (1996)
Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Indonesia

"Deer" (1996)
Ananda School, Indonesia

"The Mountains" (1996)
Kesatuan Elementary School, Indonesia

"Winter Wonderland" (1995)
The Green Apple Garden, Indonesia

"The TMII Clown Parade" (1995)
Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Indonesia 

"Lintas Nusa 95" (1995)
Auto 2000 Indonesia