Thursday, November 25, 2010

In Progress: "Beyond The Rainbow"

Hi everyone!

Update: I am now working on a pastel painting called "Beyond The Rainbow" and an acrylic painting. If you guess they are packed with colours and story of hope, you deserve a guessing medal!

It's a snowy day in town again, but here in my spot it's cheer-o-cheer time. No darkness in sight because I have these bits of happiness saved for this evening. You can try this combo too although -warning- it's highly random (as in highly-FUNtastic-it-can-make-me-sit-still-for-a-while!)

● An episode of Modern Family (for funny bone sake)
● Hot wing-flavoured potato chips (for munchies sake)
● Tropical fruit-flavoured yogurt (for health sake)
● A few tracks from Jackie Evancho's album (for soul sake)

Take care and enjoy the rest of your week :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend in Colour

I hope your weekend is going WOW so far!
I wanted to leave this mini update before heading back outside to the all-white sceneries. That's right, I think winter is declaring itself here. I told you about the snow rain showers earlier and sure enough now we have snow for real. (Very thin, and melting faster than butter on a hot pan! But I chose to be excited anyway.)

The above picture is the "Together" piece I mentioned the other day. It features three flowers of Hope Hill under evening sky. The original painting is sold, but I sure have other things in store for you. There will be several versions of prints, including black-and-white. So please be sure to check back for them. And for more new originals! I'm creating and creating some more. Can't wait to show you the new pieces! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Together in Funny Weather

Hi everybody!

It is the National Interesting Day here -partly because of the snow-rain combo. Nothing crazy happened though, I can tell you that now. Sorry if you thought I was going to say I had just met a real-life dracula.

I was in Burnaby (If that didn't ring any bell, how about City of Burnaby? In Canada?). I was minding my own business when suddenly...*white stuff falling*...first flakes of the season, I guess! That barista girl was definitely puzzled as she walked out of the coffee shop to feel and probably make sure it wasn't raining diamonds. Who knew I would end up getting my drink from her coworker a bit later. Salted caramel hot chocolate....Hmm. That's right, just a hot chocolate. I'll mess with my caffeine sensitivity another day. Keeping my heartbeat steady now so I can finish this "Together" painting. Hope you like the preview! It will be in colour in no time.

Please keep on with the following. You're the best and I will be back.

Peace, love, pretty colours!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Relax and Feel Good

Hi everyone!
Check out the new fresh-air-filled arts from my Etsy shop. Most prints are available in several colour options but if you have a certain colour in mind, maybe for that someone who just LOOOVES purple, you can always let me know. Let's see if I can create a custom print for you.

Click here or on each image to be taken to its order page.

Have a fantastic Friday!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Prints Out Today!

Lots of spirit, motivation, and happiness..all from just a daily glance at these little heavens.

I adore circles and dots to a dangerous level. They make me happy and chances are they are in some gorgeous colours, which make me even happier! Just look at gumballs or rows of donuts. I know, those examples just happen to be food -which means some of us would get triple the happiness right there.

I created these prints in several variations, from the wise "Keep calm and carry on" to the bouncy "We dance like crazy here". Some are already up at FAB store today, so please come take a look.

FAB Etsy Store

Peace, love, and pretty colours!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mod Greeting Cards

Good news, everyone!
The new custom greeting cards are in! Please head to FAB shop to order yours today.

● Size 5x7 inches with window opening. Sturdy and acid-free.
● You can insert a photo in there too.
● Blank inside for writing your own message.

● The art print inside is 4x6 and can be pulled out. So much fun to display on walls, boards, fridge, etc.
● Printed with high quality colour ink. Vivid colour and fade resistant.

More designs are flooding in. I'll post updates here as well as on Twitter so please check back soon.

Peace, love, and pretty colours!