Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Terrarium Trio

Hi everyone!

After a little bit of time away from the ink pens, I'm very pleased to tell you that I've got my hands back on them!
No worries paints/pastels fans, I still love them and will continue to use them to create, create, and create!

For today, this is the newest baby on the block: Terrarium Trio series. I started naming the individual pieces in the series with numbers as I can see myself creating more than just one or two. I feel like a billion will cover it. They are that much fun! But at the same time, let's keep it real...that's probably too many. For robots -maybe not. For me -definitely yes! So I hope you'll stay tune and watch along with me. Let's see how big this terrarium galore gets! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,