Monday, December 27, 2010

Eyes on a Good New Year

Hi everyone!
So December 2010 is almost behind us. To all who celebrate any holiday and went to special events for it: On a scale from 1 to 10, I hope your celebrations were Beyond Belief.

I'm getting excited for the new year. If you wonder why, I can't think of anything specific. All that comes up is "Why not?" It's coming soon whether or not anyone want it to. Maybe not as excited this morning, but that might have been just because I barely slept last night. And possibly because someone turned on the water in the other bathroom while I was taking a shower. I don't like (translation: loathe) water tug-of-war so I just got out of there a decade early. No drama added. I did think about screaming "Who did this?! Got a point?" but I managed to keep it all cool and civilized. Turning focus to the new year instead (and maybe add in the fact that it wasn't even my bathroom.) But still! Eyes on a good new year, people... Eyes on a good new year. I finished showering though. NOT willing to go out in a winter collection by Soap Bubbles Couture. Done it once but the route was completely different. This time, I have to make it to the post office and mail a picture I had sold to Miss D (Thank you, Miss D!) 

I'll be back here soon with new works! See you next post! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,