Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oooh...New Studio

Taadaaaa! ... there's the link to my Artfire studio (on right sidebar, down a bit...). FAB Etsy shop is still up and running. That's where new artworks would go first, especially original paintings as they can't be available in both places.

It's still great fun to visit Artfire. You'll come across great items you won't see on Etsy. Some sellers stay out of Etsy due to how crowded it has become. Especially for jewelry artists. Crowded is fantastic to me but apparently it scared a lot of other people. And I get where they are coming from. A big full house could mean more people to share your craft with -OR- the perfect place to drown in the whole hoo-haa without anyone ever knowing you exist. I had seen the Etsy jewelry section and yes, it is an endless sea of shiny objects for sale!

Anyways, the doors are now open, so come on in friends! 

Peace, love, and pretty colours,