Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Seven Servings of Music

"Musicaholic" paper beads by FAB

Hi everyone!

Here goes a list of beautiful songs you should hear at least once in your lifetime. I hope it adds something new to your playlists and inspiration bins. If you have never heard of Beethoven or Elvis, well, we might have to spend a little more time before jumping into this. For today, I am assuming we don't need any introduction to something as famous as the happy birthday song or Beyonce's Single Ladies :)

Are you ready? Let's roll the list!  

1. Gumption - Hans Zimmer
This inspiring instrumental tune was used as the soundtrack for the movie "The Holiday" starring Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, and Jack Black. When you see a movie and the music is subtle yet moving, there is a good chance that the name "Hans Zimmers" will appear during the credits.

2. Golliwog's Cakewalk - The Swingle Singers
This is proof that musical instruments don't always mean large cases of gears! Your voice is a powerful musical instrument. This amazing group sings a capella and as you listen to them, you would forget that they are not singing to any backing music. If you like this one, treat yourself some more with their version of Moon River or Danny Boy.

3. Czardas - Paul Mauriat and orchestra
There are countless recordings of this piece by musicians from all over the world, including well-known ones, such as Richard Clayderman. I liked it best when it is played on string instruments, but this piece always sounds beautiful to me regardless of the instrument or arrangement.

4. There Is No Night - Máiréad Nesbitt
You might have seen her in action as one of the members of Celtic Woman. Not sure which one? She is very easy to spot in the group. At the moment, she is the only one with a fiddle while the rest of the girls perform as vocalists. I used "at the moment" because Celtic Woman changes its members over time so this arrangement might change in the future. This song is performed by Nesbitt as a solo artist, not as a part of Celtic Woman. It comes from her own album titled Raining Up

5. Testify to Love - Wynonna
One of the best voices in the music industry. The voice of her generation, as they said. Many of you might be familiar with her number-one hits already so here goes the semi-hidden gem for a change.

6. Sundial Dreams - Kevin Kern
This is the first song I heard from his album In the Enchanted Garden. After that four minutes was up, I just had to go check and listen to all of his other works.

7. Seasons of Love - Jonathan Larson
I would probably owe something really big to the performing arts as a whole if nothing from the Broadway stage makes this list. This is my tribute to Jonathan Larson, the man behind the Broadway hit musical Rent. Larson passed away unexpectedly just moments before his new show Rent opened on Broadway. His legacy lives on, thanks to the collection of wonderful music he had written. Very few things in life, if any, can fight with such lyrics like "measure your life in love."

Song choice ideas comes from my personal playlist and the many hours of being inspired by great musicians and their incredible works - from world-renowned singers to random street drummers.

Seven sounds lucky so I'll end the list here today. Feel free to send in yours! And don't forget to come over to FAB shop. See the paper beads featured above? They are in the shop now! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,