Thursday, November 18, 2010

Together in Funny Weather

Hi everybody!

It is the National Interesting Day here -partly because of the snow-rain combo. Nothing crazy happened though, I can tell you that now. Sorry if you thought I was going to say I had just met a real-life dracula.

I was in Burnaby (If that didn't ring any bell, how about City of Burnaby? In Canada?). I was minding my own business when suddenly...*white stuff falling*...first flakes of the season, I guess! That barista girl was definitely puzzled as she walked out of the coffee shop to feel and probably make sure it wasn't raining diamonds. Who knew I would end up getting my drink from her coworker a bit later. Salted caramel hot chocolate....Hmm. That's right, just a hot chocolate. I'll mess with my caffeine sensitivity another day. Keeping my heartbeat steady now so I can finish this "Together" painting. Hope you like the preview! It will be in colour in no time.

Please keep on with the following. You're the best and I will be back.

Peace, love, pretty colours!