Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekend in Colour

I hope your weekend is going WOW so far!
I wanted to leave this mini update before heading back outside to the all-white sceneries. That's right, I think winter is declaring itself here. I told you about the snow rain showers earlier and sure enough now we have snow for real. (Very thin, and melting faster than butter on a hot pan! But I chose to be excited anyway.)

The above picture is the "Together" piece I mentioned the other day. It features three flowers of Hope Hill under evening sky. The original painting is sold, but I sure have other things in store for you. There will be several versions of prints, including black-and-white. So please be sure to check back for them. And for more new originals! I'm creating and creating some more. Can't wait to show you the new pieces! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,