Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tweet Tweet Little Birdies

Wow...rainy day today! I felt sorry people who got rained over on the street. I was there too but I have to admit I was far from miserable. Saved by my umbrella which I carry everywhere like an ID card! lol. Sounds crazy but let's face it, that thing makes surprise rainy days much less disturbing.

Glad I made this good-mood machine yesterday! A magnet bar with blue sky and cute birds. Not quite today's situation, but that's exactly how it's been helpful. Some real tweeting did exist this morning though! Do you know what kind of over-diligent birds get up at a dark 5 am and start singing a whole album? I'm getting very curious here. Plus I would need that info if I was to contact them.

YAY! It's hot soup o'clock! :) I'll wrap this up now (The typing, not the soup). Remember to check out FAB store this week!