Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Original! - Spring Serenade

"Drum roll please...
....for the new original on the block..."

*Cut to drummer*

*Rafika on drum* 
Excitement galore! 
Hit way too hard! 
Drumsticks broken in half! 
Little pieces flying about! 
Of course!
But wow, must be cheap drumsticks! 
But that's Ok! This is exactly what hands are for! 
Actually nope, that didn't work. No sound came out! 
Well, now we know these might be cheap drums too!


......"Enjoy the new artwork, everybody! :)"  

*Hit cymbal with shoe* 
*Exit bow* 
*Run off*

And that, my friends, is what you should never do in real life! 
Unless we're being chased by wild animals, let's not run off! 
Just face it like we aced it!

Artwork info:
Format: Original drawing
Medium: Pastels and ink on bristol paper
Size: 8x10 inch
Year: 2011

Peace, love, and pretty colours,