Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fold Here, Fold There, Post Here!

Hi everyone!

Finally some sunshine crept in from between the clouds of boohoo over here. I think you know what it means: New picture updates! - that aren't just images of dark shadow! :D
These are the handcrafted paper flowers that couldn't wait to debut themselves here. They are folded from beautiful damask patterned paper. Can't believe your eyes? Well, they kind of do take more than a finger snap to create so they had better look great. Each flower requires five separate pieces of paper to be neatly folded and glued together. If you try to make dozens of these lovelies, I think they will start showing up in your dreams (...would be more like nightmares at that point.)  

The good news is some of these flowers are currently at FAB shop. I hope you love them! :) Just a quick reminder, please grab your favorites immediately as some of them are either one-of-a-kind or only available in limited amounts.

Peace, love, and pretty colours,