Tuesday, May 1, 2012

New Bunch of Journaling Cards!

Hi everyone, 

Hope you had a great weekend full of fun! It's time to go back to real life now but if you hang in there long enough, we'll get to another fun weekend in just a blink, right? Let's spirit up and keep it up! 

To everyone who are doing some kind of Project Life or journal keeping, it's the perfect time to get your current projects done (or for the rest of us who still trying to figure out how anyone can get theirs even remotely close to looking all put together, don't give up! In fact, just by coming here today, you have received all the moral support I can send to you!). As an extra motivation, there are plenty of new printable journaling cards at my Artfire shop's printable digital sheets section to help you out. Let's get organized before the new summer photos and memories hit! :)

PS: If you need custom colours for these journaling cards, simply contact me at the shop to make your dream cards come true!

Peace, love, and pretty colours,


Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Original! - Spring Serenade

"Drum roll please...
....for the new original on the block..."

*Cut to drummer*

*Rafika on drum* 
Excitement galore! 
Hit way too hard! 
Drumsticks broken in half! 
Little pieces flying about! 
Of course!
But wow, must be cheap drumsticks! 
But that's Ok! This is exactly what hands are for! 
Actually nope, that didn't work. No sound came out! 
Well, now we know these might be cheap drums too!


......"Enjoy the new artwork, everybody! :)"  

*Hit cymbal with shoe* 
*Exit bow* 
*Run off*

And that, my friends, is what you should never do in real life! 
Unless we're being chased by wild animals, let's not run off! 
Just face it like we aced it!

Artwork info:
Format: Original drawing
Medium: Pastels and ink on bristol paper
Size: 8x10 inch
Year: 2011

Peace, love, and pretty colours,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Print! - Faithful Friends

Happy new month, everyone!

I hope you are having an amazing start. I had just rated mine "Overall Fantastic". At least I've been feeling like Superman for the last five days. (Feeling like Superman. What is she talking about?). Well, maybe not Superman. Who am I supposed to feel like when I got everything on my list done for the whole week? Probably your mom? Alright then, correction: I've been feeling like your mom for the last five days.

Here is the visual walkthough for you. (Caution: Dramatic elements kicked up ten notches for no particular reason. I cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused by your falling from this Tall Tower of Drama):
There I was. Walking out of the bank and the post office, respectively, with a smile a la brand new toothpaste commercial.
"I took care of everything. First day of the month. Lots to do. All done in speed!"
Superhuman feeling filled the air.
Now feel free to picture the mandatory happy dance that followed at home.
A happy head, bobbing and turning to music. The music alone is good, but once again everything as a whole must have been looking like a horrid TV commercial. Maybe this time it was for headphones. Or a severe headache medicine. (Don't you think the actors always manage to look intense, convincing, and ridiculous all at the same time?) 

 ~ The happy head bobbing was still in progress ~
~ Very much in sync with the beat of the music ~
Sure enough, it quickly went out of sync with everything in the universe because iTunes decided it was time to change song and ruin my rhythm.
Current choreography, along with focus and megawatt smile, went out the window with a bang!
It's downhill from there.
My on-vacation eagle eyes instantly came back from their vacation trip to help me spot something across the room.
There's an UFO!
(UFO = Unidentified Fascinating Object)
Ahh, relax! Must be just the greeting cards I'm mailing out next week. At this point, obviously my happy dance was too high-quality to be interrupted by some silly cards!
But they really looked like a pile of serious mails.....
For a start, greeting card envelopes don't have bank logos all over them.
Oh No!
Stop the dancing.
Stop the music too!
Actually, everything please freeze!

A. pile. of. fresh. shiny...*Denial Pause*...unopened mails???
Nah, that's impossible! *Denial Pause - The Sequel*
I was all Superman and didn't miss a thing yesterday, remember?

Again, please stop the head bobbing. Of course everything looks like mails when you bob your head like that.

Everything did stop this time. Including my heartbeat for that second!
The thing still looked like a pile of serious mails.

Long story short, those *are* new and important mails that I failed to sort yesterday. Some of them are very important so here I am, trying to go through them and regain my Superman title. Also posting this art update for you while I'm here. (New print, everyone! As always, simply click on the image above to go to its Etsy listing.)
Whether you want to feel like a superhero or not today, it might be a good idea to check your to-do list for Monday now. I know it's the weekend so feel free to put it off until tomorrow. All I'm saying is you can avoid a similar not-so-Superman situation by simply making sure that you are *completely* ready to go! :) Maybe I can use that new phrase to replace that depressing word "disappointment" from now on. May all of you be free of any "found-out-you're-not-so-Superman" moments forever! 

Peace, love, pretty colours,

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Terrarium Trio

Hi everyone!

After a little bit of time away from the ink pens, I'm very pleased to tell you that I've got my hands back on them!
No worries paints/pastels fans, I still love them and will continue to use them to create, create, and create!

For today, this is the newest baby on the block: Terrarium Trio series. I started naming the individual pieces in the series with numbers as I can see myself creating more than just one or two. I feel like a billion will cover it. They are that much fun! But at the same time, let's keep it real...that's probably too many. For robots -maybe not. For me -definitely yes! So I hope you'll stay tune and watch along with me. Let's see how big this terrarium galore gets! :)

Peace, love, and pretty colours,

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Floral Concerto No.1

Hi everyone,

Here comes a big Yay to a new original! : Floral Concerto No.1.

If each plant in a garden play a sound just like they play their part in creating the gorgeous view we see, I imagine we would hear the best music ever played!

Floral Concerto No.1
Original painting. Not a print or reproduction.
Ink on matte paper
8.5 x 8.5 inch

Included in this piece are nine of my fantasy plants:
From the top left corner:
1. Bright-eyed Flower
2. Solitude Leaf
3. Pinwheel Rose
4. The Pollen Queen
5. Dotted Zebra Tulip
6. Peapod Lupine
7. Twin Bud Wildflowers
8. Sunshine Daisy
9. The Goddess' Hair

This item had been listed in my shop. Loving what you see? Please run and get it before anybody else does :)

On the side note, my Tumblr is back on tumbling and my Pinterest boards are joyfully pin-attacked so I hope to see you there having fun!

Peace, love, pretty colours,

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bright and Zesty!

 Hi everyone!

Check out this fun citrus collection by Candy Apple Crafts on Artfire.com. Featuring FAB's "Serenity" Citrus edition.

Peace, love, and pretty colours,

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Together Once Again

Hi everyone!

I hope your week is going capital-G great so far! :)
I wanted to leave you a note today about the "Together" black-and-white print I recently added to FAB shop. Being a major colouring ninja, I must admit that I sometimes forget to put the black-and-white version of my works for you to grab. That would be until someone asks about them or I see all the coloured works and think "This one would look interesting in black and white..."

Isn't that how it was before all that colouring fiesta?

So that's pretty much how this version of "Together" finally made it out! Full details of the print had been posted in the shop. Simply click on the image above to visit its order page. The most important thing is that all purchased prints will be hand-embellished by me using archival black ink so every print is truly special :)
Peace, love, and pretty colours!